The Best Pepperoni Pizza I’ve Ever Had

If you’re like me, you have a list of places you want to eat at.  Whether it’s a physical list or a mental note (LOL good luck crossing those off) is inconsequential.  Made In New York Pizza has been atop my list since they started making waves.  Feel free to draw your own conclusions, but they’ve been accused of stealing the coveted Prince St. Pizza Pepperoni slice.  I’ve neither been nor care to be quite honest.  But my guy Eytan Sugarman (follow him @BoyFromNewYorkCity) has been killing it at Made In New York.  And based on my slice yesterday, this Upper West Side pizza shop is only just getting started.

Hands down the best pepperoni slice I’ve ever had, and one of the better slices of pizza period that I’ve come across.  Granted I don’t seek out pepperoni often, it’s almost always a spur of the moment choice.  But this slice was sought out to the point where I had to take good chunk out of my day to make it happen.  Well worth it.

First and foremost, the pizza itself was excellent.  It was thinner than the prototypical Sicilian slice, which I tend to think is usually too doughy.  If you can envision what I’m describing, the dough was equally fluffy and dense.  Great sauce.  Fresh cheese.  And the ronis.  THE RONIS.  Look at how they curved up on the outside, creating these perfect little oil pockets that you crave with pepperoni.  Crispy, but not burnt.  Nice little kick too, that was what took this slice above and beyond.  $4.50 and it’s probably worth $6-7.

Made In New York Pizza is here to stay, and they’re making a name for themself with this Spicy Pepperoni Square. If there’s a better pepperoni slice out there, I’d be surprised.  There were probably a dozen other pies that would make anyone a returning customer, and I intend on seeing that through.  Don’t use the location as an excuse.  It’s New York City.  Get on the subway.  Get the Pepperoni Square.  Cozy up at a wooden able along a the logo-stamped brick wall.  Relish the moment.  Appreciate the excellence.


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