Official Review: The Most Stuf Oreo (Limited Edition)

Over the years there have been rumors of new Oreo products, each with more creme than the last, but none have evolved beyond the bounds of the internet.  One in particular that seems to pop up every now and again is the “Moreo”.  My grandmother Emmee would roll over in her grave if that ever materialized.  I don’t know if Emmee ever ate a single Oreo in her life, but I know she wouldn’t stand for such nonsense.  This is a society with rules.

But The Most Stuf Oreos are most certainly a thing, and they’ve been hot in the streets for the past 2 weeks or so.  They’re hard to find, to the point where I had to outsource.  Wegmans is the Disneyworld of supermarkets as far as I’m concerned, and even they didn’t have it.  But I finally got my hands on them.  I stick to the basics when it comes to Oreos.  None of the flavors move the needle for me.  I had my concerns about the new Oreos with the “most creme ever”, but it’s still the OG Oreo, just on steroids.

My main concern going in was that there’d be too much creme.  Plenty of people might say “no such thing as too much creme”.  And those are the exact people who I would never turn to for an opinion on Oreos, snacks, food, or life in general.

I digress.


My fear of creme surplus reared its ugly head.  Don’t get me wrong, the Oreo was delicious.  There’s something special about an Oreo that no other cookie can offer.  The flavor did not miss the mark.  But with each bite, more and more creme squeezed out of the comfy confines of the two cookies.  The classic, reliable Oreo became borderline messy.  When I eat Oreos I shouldn’t have to think about anything other than the best kind of sensory overload.  Occasionally it’ll cross my mind that I have to brush my teeth in short order, but that’s it.

At the end of the day, these are gonna be a one time thing for me.  In fact, the serving size is one (1) cookie.  You’ll understand why once you get your hands on these.  Listen, they’re tasty as hell, as most Oreos are.  But they’re a lot.  They’re too much.  Anything beyond the Double Stuff Oreo is overkill in my opinion.  Sometimes I would prefer the original, single stuff Oreo over the Double.  I’d certainly side with the regular over these.

If you’re looking for an endorsement, I’ll say this.  I’m happy I tried them.  They were hard to find, which made me want to try them more.  I got my fix, and I won’t be seeking them out any longer.  Give me regular Oreos, Double Stuff Oreos, Golden Oreos, or no Oreos at all.  Thank you very much, good day.


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