Homemade: Bacon Egg & Cheese Boat

Over the last ~12 months, I’ve grown insanely passionate about food.  I wake up every morning excited to further immerse myself in the world of food.  I’m committed to continue learning, continue cooking, and continue eating, naturally.  One of the best parts of food, for me, is sharing the experience with others.  When I can’t share the actual meal with someone, I turn to Instagram to share my delights.  Storytelling through content is something I’ve leaned into and seen success in such.  I plan on doubling down on this.

I am pursuing both food and content, together.  This is on both a personal and professional level, and my time will be spent largely in an attempt to achieve that.  The way to get there is to actually do that.  And so here I am, back to writing.  There are no rules, there are no boundaries.  It may be to highlight a dish that I made (see: below).  Perhaps I’ve just returned from a restaurant that blew me away.  Did Ina Garten do something amazing again?  (Most likely yes).  I’ve got something to say about something delicious.  Often times a picture does not justify my feelings about what I just ate; I need to tell people more.  Enter: the written word.  Please join me.

Bacon Egg & Cheese Boat

You know all of those aerial-view food videos you’re always scrolling past on (insert social media platform here)?  Odds are they’re from or inspired by Tasty.  You’re lying if you say you’ve never promised yourself that one day you’ll actually make one of those recipes.  Turns out Tasty compiled the best ones for their ultimate cookbook.  I bought one for each of my brothers to have some fun with.  And, naturally, I borrowed one of them to have the first crack at it.  With extended family in town at my parents’ house, breakfast was the easy choice.  The Bacon Egg & Cheese Boat was the easiest choice of them all.

With encouragement from my cousin, it was decided that one (1) baguette would not suffice.  Let’s make it two (2).  Colby Jack cheese sounds delicious, but we have cheddar on hand.  Heavy cream?  Ehh I’ll use some milk instead; skim milk to be precise because “we needed to save the other milk for coffee” according to my father.  Okay, Dad.  Aside from cooking the bacon, nothing needs to be done in advance.  When cooking the bacon, keep in mind that you need that bacon for the BEC Boats.  Aka try not to eat the bacon.  This was an accomplishment in and of itself.

The baguettes we had were far from identical.  As the experts say, “No two baguettes are alike, just like fingerprints.”  Well said.  The wider of the two would be able to hold more.  No problem, improvisation is inevitable in the kitchen.  Make sure you leave the sides of the baguettes in tact; these boats need to resemble canoes so that the mixture doesn’t spill out in the oven.  The recipe didn’t specifically call for it, but after “hollowing” out the two rolls, I decided that the bottom layer needed to be strictly cheese.  With the help from little bro, we then carefully poured in the mixture of eggs, cheese, bacon, scallions, milk, salt, and pepper.  We actually forgot to add milk to the mixture in one of the boats.  That’s a secret that will stay with my brother and I for eternity.  Please don’t tell anyone.  Alright fine, some more cheddar on top.  Fuck it, it’s a holiday, sort of.  In the oven they went, and time seemingly stood still.

Maybe it was the oven, maybe it was these particular boats, but all 25 minutes were needed plus another 2-3 I’d say.  Honestly, you’ve gotta eyeball it a bit to make sure that the eggs aren’t too runny.  You need some firmness to them since you’re going to, presumably, cut them into pieces.  Transferring them from cookie sheet to the cutting board was an issue because someone, not naming names, lined the sheet with regular aluminum foil instead of non-stick.  My mother does so much for us, so I’ll let it slide.

Look at that picture once more.  Obviously, this was a huge hit.  In a matter of minutes, the boats were reduced to crumbs and memories.  I cannot recommend this enough for any family breakfast.  Hardly any prep required, barely any mess to clean up, perfect for sharing, and, above all else, it tastes even better than it looks.  Don’t hesitate to go off script and make this recipe your own.  We discussed adding chorizo next time, maybe some pepper jack cheese and hot sauce with avocado on top.  Get creative with it.

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