The Mets GM Search Is Down To Three Candidates

The trio of candidates still in the running for the next Mets GM are: Doug MelvinChaim Bloom, and Brodie Van Wagenen.  The most recent round of “cuts” included Kim Ng (well respected MLB exec who had some steam behind her candidacy) and Dave Littlefield (Tigers VP of Player Development).  All signs are pointing to this wrapping up within the next week.  All 3 remaining come from different backgrounds with very vastly different skill sets.  Here’s a little info on each.

Doug Melvin appears to be the “favorite” of the group.  He’s served as GM for the Texas Rangers and Milwaukee Brewers and was instrumental in helping turn around both teams rather quickly.  His front office experience is legit at 66 years old.  If there’s a safe pick, it’s the only guy who has been a GM before.  Fred Wilpon has hinted that Melvin fits what he wants in a lead exec.  Personally, my issue is that the Mets proclivity to stick to “old school” methods has proved unsuccessful.  No doubt Doug Melvin is capable of being a GM as evidenced by his history in turning struggling teams into contenders.  But I don’t know if he’s the right guy for this job at this juncture.

Chaim Bloom is the “sexy” pick if there is one.  At 35 years old, he’s the Senior VP of Baseball Operations for the Tampa Bay Rays.  Analytics are his forte.  We’ve seen young GMs really flourish over the last decade (namely Theo Epstein).  Analytics and sabermetrics are more prevalent now than ever.  This new school of baseball should have all fingers pointing at Bloom, but I have my doubts the Mets will go this route.  The Wilpons reject analytics and the exact pedigree that Chaim Bloom brings to the table.

Brodie Van Wagenen is Jacob deGrom’s agent.  He’s also Yoenis Cespedes’s agent.  He’s also Tim Tebow’s agent.  He has never worked in baseball operations.  It sounds like the Wilpons really love him.  On a positive, he’s the head agent at one of baseball’s most reputable agencies.  As someone who works with and for players, I like that he’ll have the players’ best interest in mind.  However I can’t say for sure how that’ll translate to an organization’s single most important role.  I don’t think there’s a real conflict of interest here, but I’m hesitant to back someone with little to no experience.

Chaim Bloom is my first choice, followed by Doug Melvin and Brodie Van Wagenen.  Then again, I’m nothing more than a dejected fan who, I think understandably, wants radical change.  A key thing to remember is that none of this matters so long that Jeff Wilpon continues to meddle.  None of this matters so long that Jeff Wilpon continues to insert himself in the day to day operations.  We need a GM with full autonomy and actual authority, not a Yes Man who is nothing more than a glorified lapdog and eventual scapegoat to Fred and Jeff Wilpon.  I won’t get into it but it’s not a mystery why so many people of interest turned down interviews.

Whoever gets the job will have my support from Day 1.  I hope the man chosen for the job can get the franchise back on track in short order.  It’s time.  LGM.


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