Jeff Wilpon Says The Mets Pursuit Of Top Free Agents Will Depend On View Of The Next GM

SNY: Mets COO Jeff Wilpon said Sunday that the team not being players for most of the top free agents in recent years was a “total recommendation” of the baseball operations department, adding that pursuing top free agents going forward would depend on the views of their next GM. …


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I want to call Jeff Wilpon a liar here.  I really do, more than anything.  But if I call him a liar, then you have to label me a liar.  Jeff Wilpon is telling the truth here.  HOWEVA… he is not telling the whole truth.  The GM will make the free agent decisions this offseason, rightfully so.  What that greedy rat did not admit is that he himself is the General Manager of this team.  It’s always been like that, and it’ll always be like that.  Whoever is brought in will work underneath the guise of the “GM” title but will not be empowered to take on that role.  They will be forced to be a “yes man” and will be made the scapegoat when it’s all said and done.  Jeff Wilpon is the GM of the New York Mets.

Poor Sandy Alderson, who is fighting cancer AGAIN, was just made to look like the bad guy.  Obviously Jeff Wilpon threw him under the bus when he’s not there to defend himself; if you recall, Sandy Alderson is too busy fighting cancer.  The good news is nobody is buying this garbage from the Wilpon’s anymore.  I genuinely think the vast majority has had enough of them.  Nothing’s going to change, but it’s nice to know that this bullshit will not go unnoticed.

The Mets will make a bunch of underwhelming signings in an attempt to convince fans they’re competing to win next year.  I can’t wait for the endorsements of guys like Todd Frazier, Jay Bruce, Jason Vargas, and Kevin Plawecki (all of whom suck).  As per usual, the Mets will do just enough to trick many fans into thinking the team could be good if things break the right away.  There’ll be a “wait and see” approach as there is every year.  The “new GM” will not be allowed to open a checkbook for the likes of Manny Machado.  And the reason for that is because Jeff Wilpon is actually the decision maker.

Intend to contend baby!  For sure not.  Jeff Wilpon has no intention of contending because he can but chooses not to.  Period end of story.

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