The Mets Gave Lucas Duda, The Man Responsible For The Single Worst Defensive Play In Franchise History, A Video Tribute Last Night

Listen, I get it.  The Mets don’t have much to celebrate.  So when something good happens, they hold on tight and squeeze every drop of it.  I understand that.  I can appreciate that, to an extent.  But the bar needs to be higher.  Lucas Duda is the best first baseman the Mets have had since Carlos Delgado.  While that is a fact, that’s hardly an accolade.  That’s hardly “video tribute-worthy”.  Lucas Duda was a good Met.  Lucas Duda was one of the better power hitters I can remember sporting the Mets laundry.  Lucas Duda was also responsible for the single worst defensive play in franchise history (I’ve still never seen a replay of it).  If Lucas Duda throws out Eric Hosmer, the Mets win Game 5 and send the World Series back to KC for Game 6 with momentum.  The bar needs to be higher than Lucas Duda.

Granted, I am as sour as ever on anything Mets right now.  Nothing they do makes me happy.  And so I’m highly critical of everything because I think they deserve it.  Tribute videos are a nice gesture for former Mets.  I like a good montage as much as the next guy.  My issue is the Mets give out video tributes like Halloween candy*.  Everyone gets a tribute.  I hated the Daniel Murphy tribute but can admit that’s personal bias.  Jon Niese got a tribute.  Jon Niese, sub .500 pitcher for the Mets, was given a goddamn video tribute.  All-time greats get video tributes.  But I guess in Queens anyone willing to put up with the circus gets one.

If Lucas Duda is deserving of a video tribute, then they better unveil a statue of me on Saturday night for my return.


*the Mets probably don’t give out Halloween candy because that would mean spending money to give something away for free.  Boom roasted.


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