A Collection Of Some Of My Favorite David Wright Moments

With David Wright playing the last of his baseball career this weekend, I’ve been reminiscing about the good times from his career, of which there are many.  He never got the coveted championship he so yearned for, but he’s not to blame.  He’ll be appropriately celebrated on Saturday and for years to come.  In honor of David Wright, here are some of my favorite memories:


Frankly, I don’t remember this, not vividly at least.  At 12 years old, I had no idea what kind of player he would become or that this hit would lead to 1776 more, enough to make him the Mets all-time leader.


This is my very first memory of David Wright, and the one that will remain with me the longest I’d say.  In the 13ish years since this ridiculous barehanded catch, I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything else remotely like it.  One of a kind.  I still don’t understand why he didn’t utilize the glove but then again I’m not the one with the decorated baseball career.


Of course.  Not many guys can say they have a game winning hit off of Mariano Rivera.  If David Wright ever said this was his proudest accomplishment, nobody would bat an eye.


David Wright hardly ever said boo to the umpire.  I hope both of these umpires were promptly fired for their wrongdoings.


This is an important one because it proves how long David Wright has been around.  This dates back to the days where DONTRELLE WILLIS was at the top of the game.  It feels like decades ago when D-Train and D-Wright were at the forefront of baseball.


Impossible to forget this one.  As the Mets were in the thick of a historic run in 2015, David Wright joined the Mets for the first time since hitting the disabled list in mid-April.  And he returned in a way that only The Captain could.  Don’t let the video fool you because that ball still hasn’t landed.  I can’t think of any of his home runs jump off the bat like this.  I remember sitting at the kitchen counter at my parents’ house and jumping up and down screaming by myself.


Every game vs. the Nationals in August and September of 2015 provided fireworks for the Mets.  Yoenis Cespedes was the catalyst of it all, but for some reason this RBI double was especially powerful.  I felt Wright’s fist pump.  We all did.  This was the perfect example of the 2015 season.  It wouldn’t have been the same without David Wright.  Spinal stenosis can kick rocks.


YUP.  People love to cite Daniel Murphy when crediting the Mets playoff run in 2015.  But without this clutch hit in Game 1 of the NLDS, everything may have been different.  What you just watched was the most clutch hit of David Wright’s career.


It wouldn’t be a David Wright highlight reel without this one.  The Mets were down 2-0 in the World Series, and this home run lifted the Mets to their lone victory.  This was some Angels in the Outfield shit.  David Wright put the team on his spinal stenosis-plagued back.  The guy his everything to the Mets and refused to lay over and die.  Hence his final return from injury.  And that is why he’ll forever be a Mets legend.



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