The Mets (Owners) Will Not Let David Wright Play

If you don’t want to read beyond this point, then I’ll break it down in summary form.  David Wright seems to ready if not almost ready to play with the Mets, but the Mets won’t allow him to.  And the reason for that is because the Wilpon’s do not want to pay him.  That’s it.  Mickey Callaway gave the media a different reason, but this is a lie that can be sniffed out by a toddler with a sinus infection.  I won’t fault him as he’s being fed lines from his corrupt, shiesty superiors.

David Wright has been through hell and back.  His body has failed him repeatedly over the years.  The former face of the franchise, and one of the faces of baseball in general, can barely get out of bed in the morning.  Whether it’s been his neck or back or whatever, he simply cannot get healthy and stay healthy.  It’s been sad to watch his rapid decline and arduous journey back.  I’ve written him off long ago, and I still don’t expect to see him take the field for the Mets again.  But god damn it I want to.  I want to see it now more than ever because, first and foremost, he deserves it.

Nobody has ever been a bigger class act for the Mets.  DW stuck with the Mets through some bad times when he could have easily left town to compete; and nobody would have faulted him for it.  I’ve lost count of how many times he’s resumed baseball activities only to soon after shut down due to a setback.  His most recent quest to squeeze his last drops of whatever game he has left has been the most inspiring.  The rehabilitation has been good from what we know, and it seems that David has shown great progress.  And to no surprise, he’s been a professional about it all, including and especially the notion that he will not be promoted.

It’s below David Wright to take a dig at Mets ownership though I’m sure he’s itching to.  He’s too good of a guy to ever sink to the disgusting level of filth that Fred and Jeff Wilpon live in.  If you have to be reminded, the Wilpon’s have publicly said that they count David Wright’s full salary against the payroll and therefore don’t reinvest that money in case he comes back.  But now that he’s on track to hopefully earn a final tour with the Mets, they won’t let him.

I’ve been tough on Wright but only because I struggle with the fact that one of the all time great Mets has been deteriorating right before my eyes.  I’ve more or less been begging him to hang up the cleats so we can finally move on.  As much as I want the old David Wright to return and live and play forever, we’d be lucky to see him even take the field let alone contribute.  On one hand I wish I could give him my own limbs so he’s more able-bodied to play.  And on the other hand I just want to be put out of my misery already.

Nobody deserves to go out on their own terms more than David Wright.  He’s said endlessly that he wants to leave it all on the field and not have any regrets when he does eventually call it quits.  That resilience is why all the fans the support him.  And it would be oh so sweet to watch him take the field or even one at bat.  If it does happen, I look forward to the garbage that spews from Jeff Wilpon’s dumb mouth about how proud he is.  Here’s to David Wright proving the doubters wrong (me) and stick it to the owners who should be on their knees solely for putting up with their bullshit for all these years.


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