The Mets Have Some Nerve Telling Me To Do Anything At All Let Alone Make The 2019 Schedule My Phone Background

Major League Baseball released their 2019 schedule yesterday.  In short order the Mets tweeted theirs out to build anticipation for fans, as all other teams did I imagine.  It’s easy fodder for the marketing departments around the league, and it’s good for business.  For some fans, there’s still important baseball to played in 2018.  2019 seems like an afterthought, but you can’t help but pay some mind to what could be next season.  Other fans have nothing to look forward to in 2018, but a 2019 schedule means a fresh start!  New beginning!  Weekends are being planned.  Road trips are in motion.  When are the West coast trips?!  When are the division rivals in town?!  Opening Day is seemingly right around the corner, and fans are excited!

I remember a time when I was excited.

Recently I said I’m at my lowest point as a Mets fan.  I stand by that.  Forgive me for not getting excited about the schedule.  Forgive me for not hitting up friends and family about which games we should go to next season.  Forgive me for not putting an ounce of time/emotion into a 2019 season which will probably end terribly, especially in August while the Mets are going to lose 90 games in all likelihood.  On most days, whenever the Mets tweet something I roll my eyes and go on with my day.  Those moments come and go like the wind.  Given that the organization doesn’t take winning seriously, I cannot, in good conscience, take any words from the Mets Twitter Team seriously.  But I could not let this slide.

The audacity they have to request that I make the 2019 my phone background is beyond comprehension.  The gall.  The stones.  The COJONES!  I will do no such thing.  I don’t need the Mets telling me anything.  I don’t want the Mets trying to influence me at all.  They’ve done far enough already.  They’ve got some nerve.  I don’t take orders from anyone, including and especially the Mets Twitter account.  Sign Manny Machado, and then we can talk.  There’s exactly zero percent chance I’d make the 2019 schedule my phone background.  You think that’s something I want to look at 400 times a day?  Take your 2019 schedule and shove it.


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