Recapping The Mets Trade Deadline Activity

July 21: Jeurys Familia was traded to the Oakland Athletics for IF William Toffey, RHP Bobby Wahl, and $1M International Bonus Pool Money

July 27: Asdrubal Cabrera was traded to the Philadelphia Phillies for RHP Franklyn Kilomé

July 31: 4pm Trade Deadline is reached.


Overall it was an underwhelming trade deadline for the Mets.  That’s what happens when you’re in last place in a season where the front office convinced fans the Mets were in it to win it.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the “wait and see” approach will not work under this Mets ownership.  They plugged holes with bandaids in the offseason hoping to stay afloat long enough where they can sell tickets and then decide if they wanted to be buyers at the deadline.  Needless to say, the ship has sunk.

Going through some names that generated some interested as the deadline approached, Jose Bautista jumps out at me.  There was interest from multiple teams for Jose Bautista, a free agent who the Mets scooped up for free in May.  This is a 37 year old (soon to be 38) who has no future with the Mets.  This is a guy who’s raking a .224 batting average with 24 RBIs.  But the Mets did not want to “give him away”.  He’s literally worthless to this team’s future.  At this point the Mets are about 90 games under .500.  They should have had a car ready to drive Bautista to the airport for the best offer, no matter what it was.

Devin Mesoraco: in the days leading up to July 31, I believe a few teams at least reached out in regards to Mesoraco, but no serious interest was there.  As 4:00 got closer and closer, there were no bites, not even a nibble.  Mesoraco stays.  I’m sure the Mets would have scoffed at any offers anyway (not to say that he should be given away like Bautista).  He can still be dealt in August.

Alright, let’s talk pitching.  None of the big arms were moved.  Zack Wheeler was the one that had the best chance of being shipped out prior to 4:00 on Tuesday.  Ultimately it did not happen for a number of reasons.  Word is that the Mets were not actively shopping him (fine) and were not blown away with any offers (also fine).  I think they were listening and waiting for a team to blow them away.  That did not happen, and so the Mets will finish 2018 with Zack Wheeler in a Mets uniform.

Let the record show that I am absolutely fine with not trading any of the pitchers before the deadline.  But I want to make it clear that I’m not okay with the reasoning behind anything.  Any words that come out of the Mets front office is garbage garbage garbage.

I’d like to think that the Wilpons are going to bring in a new General Manager in the offseason, and it should be that person’s decision what to do with the likes of Wheeler, deGrom, and the entire roster.  As a matter of fact, the winter could bring in a bunch of offers for those guys.  Without the pressure of a time restriction, and given the fact that no great offers have come in yet for any of the arms, this could work in the Mets favor should they choose to go down that road.

Also, I had no faith in getting a fair return for Wheeler or any of our valuable assets.  They gave Jeurys Familia away for a bag of balls, and they are treating Jose Bautista like a top prospect.  I don’t trust a single soul in the Mets organization.  AND WHEN OTHER TEAMS DONT EVEN KNOW WHO TO CONTACT, THATS A FUCKING PROBLEM.  How is this allowed?  How does Major League Baseball sleep at night?  Looking at you, Rob Manfred.  How are the Mets allowed to operate in New York when other teams literally do not know who to call about a trade?

“Intend to contend” in 2019.  Can you believe that?  They intend to contend next year.  What a joke.  This team has no intention of contending next season because in order for that to happen, the cheap fuck Wilpons need to go get Manny Machado for starters.  They’re relying on deGrom, Syndergaard, Wheeler, and Matz AGAIN to get it done.  2017 was a massive success and 2018 is looking good also right now.  Matz is already hurt.  How does anyone take this team seriously?  Enough of this bullshit.


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