Over The Weekend Asdrubal Cabrera Was Traded To The Phillies

Before the trade deadline passes at 4pm I wanted to recap the Mets’ latest deadline transaction and maybe their final.  The Ass-Man, Asdrubal Cabrera, was traded to the godforsaken Phillies.  Reluctantly I must admit that the Phillies are in first place and are in a position to contend for a pennant down the stretch, making this a smart move for them.  Position-wise?  Maybe not as Cabrera doesn’t excel in the infield anymore, but I get it.  As far as the return the Mets got, this guy was the #10 prospect in the Phillies system.  There’s actually some decent praise about him, but I tend to think it looks more promising because of how bad the return was on the Familia trade in comparison.  Cabrera was the ideal trade piece for the Mets as an older guy on his contract year.  And for the Phillies, he’s a rental for the time being.  But as business goes in Queens, I look forward to never knowing Franklyn Kilomé’s name.

Asdrubal’s time in New York was filled with ups and downs.  He was a strong veteran piece in 2016 where, though it seems like forever ago, the Mets went to the playoffs.  His defense has fallen off as they do for most guys who play into their 30’s, and especially for anyone who wears laundry with the name “Mets” on the front.  Last season he demanded a trade because he didn’t want to play second base (have to fact check which position).  I specifically remember him wanting out of town because of his defensive assignment.  Actually the more likely reason was because he had the foresight to see a sinking ship.  I also remember wanting his head on a stake for such unwarranted demands, but looking back now it all makes perfect sense.

It also feels like decades ago, but through April and part of May this year, Asdrubal Cabrera was on pace to be an MVP candidate.  He’s been the best piece of offense throughout this dreadful season.  I can only imagine how bad he’s wanted out of town with all the steaming piles of shit ruminating around him and this team.  Cabby deserves credit for being consistent up to this point.  He could have easily mailed it in, stopped caring, and/or demanded another trade.  He stopped a fight against the Pirates by literally hugging the other team.  Probably was already tired of this garbage and didn’t want to endure anymore so why not try something different.  As far as we know, he’s kept his head down and presumably been a positive, veteran leader in a depressing clubhouse.

We’ll always have this moment.  It’ll go down as an all time great Mets moment that didn’t really matter much in the grand scheme of things.  There are quite a few of them, but the 2016 bat flip against his now current team solidified Cabrera’s spot in many Mets fans’ hearts, myself included.  In one sentence, Asdrubal Cabrera was a good Met with a very good bat, subpar defense, a volatile attitude, and a bat flip for eternity.  See us off, Ass Man.  I wish him zero success in scumbag Philadelphia.



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