Cespedes Set For Multiple Surgeries Effectively Ending His Season And Putting 2019 In Jeopardy

Going back to last week, the decision has been made to undergo multiple surgeries (both heels) for Yoenis Cespedes.  This comes a few days after he made the announcement that he needed surgery.  Remember that it was not the Mets who made that known but Yoenis Cespedes himself (via translator of course).  The Mets played “he said she said” for a few days before letting doctors decide what was best for Yo.

So to recap, Yoenis Cespedes was put on the disabled list on May 16.  It took two (2) months to get him back to a status that was believed to be good enough to play.  He plays one game then tells reporters he’s learned the root of his injury problems and that surgery and 8-10 months recovery is the answer.  That means he knew that the Mets rehabbed and reactivated him.  Whether or not the Mets knew (they 100% did) is unclear.  But it is a fact that Yoenis Cespedes knew 8-10 months away from baseball was the only remedy.  And it is a fact that he was allowed/asked/forced (you pick) to work towards a return to the Mets.  Do with that information what you will.  Another job well done by the Mets organization top to bottom.

Yoenis Cespedes’s 2018 is over.  1/3 of the GM team John Ricco said that Cespedes will be sidelined for 8-10 months, not less, maybe more.  If you open your calendar and deploy some basic counting skills, this puts Yoenis Cespedes’s 2019 in jeopardy.  And that puts the 2019 Mets in jeopardy.  You can say what you want about when he may return, but the fact of the matter is that the Mets need to plan for 2019 as if Yo will not be there.  8-10 months at least puts him back on the field on April 1 at the earliest, more likely closer to June 1, and possibly/probably beyond that.  It didn’t take the Mets to reach June for their season to be over.  In short, this is bad, bad news.

This Yoenis Cespedes contract is looking worse and worse.  What he brought to Queens in the summer of 2015 will be forever cherished.  Since then, honestly, Yo’s tenure with the Mets has been disappointing and full of injuries and frustration.  4 years/$110M for a injury-prone player in his 30s doesn’t work when he can’t stay on the field.  It just so happens that the Mets made sure they were recouping insurance on this contract based on when Yo goes under the knife.  You do the Math.  It all comes back to the Wilpon’s.  They already count David Wright’s entire contract against the team payroll.  Which means the same will happen for Cespedes.  Which means the Mets won’t invest that money.  Which means nothing will change.  Which means we’re eternally doomed.  2019 should be fun.


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