Brandon Nimmo May Have Been Snubbed From The All Star Game But I Don’t Care

Jacob deGrom will be the Mets lone All Star Game representative.  If the game weren’t in Washington, deGrom might get the start over Scherzer.  Irrelevant really but congrats to Jake.  He’s been about as dominant as I’ve seen a pitcher, and it’s all under the radar because the Mets are pitiful.  Early in the year, Asdrubal Cabrera was paving the way for most stat categories in the NL.  He quickly cooled off and came back down to earth, and he wont be a part of the ASG (barring a late replacement for someone who bails due to “injury”).  Brandon Nimmo, however, was truly snubbed depending on who you ask.  Not only was Nimmo excluded from the All Star team, but he was also omitted from the Final Vote.  My take: I don’t care one bit.

If I cared I’d curate various statistics to plead Nimmo’s case.  I am not going to do that.  Do I think he’s deserving of being an All Star?  Yes I do.  But that’s where it ends for me.  I’ve never cared much for the All Star Game, and that’s not changing.  It’s hard for me to get bent out of shape about a game with no implications.* As a matter of fact, I’ve been anti-ASG for a long time because I took major issue with the fact that, until last year, fans were voting players into a game that decided which league will host the World Series.  It’s amazing how long it took for MLB to intervene on that.  If it’s a popularity contest, which an All Star Game realistically is in all sports, the game cannot count whatsoever.

Nonetheless, I actually think this’ll be good for Brandon Nimmo.  Obviously all players want to represent their league and their home club.  So if this serves as motivation for Nimmo to work even harder, I am here for it.  If his “snub” results in a chip on his shoulder, I am here for it.  He worked his ass off to earn the starting job in Spring Training, and he’s been a bright light in Queens this season.  He’s virtually the only starter on the Mets who busts his ass day in and day out despite the never ending losing; Nimmo does not strike me as the kind of guy who needs positive reinforcement in the form of an ASG nod.

*As I wrote that I realized that perhaps I should care because every single Mets game this season has zero implications.  You could make the case that the All Star Game is the most important game any Met(s) will play in this season (until they are inevitably shipped out of town at the trade deadline).


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