Jenrry Mejia (remember him?) Gets Conditionally Reinstated From His MLB Lifetime Ban, Can Re-Join Mets

NY Post: The Mets’ bullpen could get some unexpected help in 2019 from a former closer.

Major League Baseball conditionally reinstated Mets reliever Jenrry Mejia, the league announced Friday. The righty was permanently suspended in February 2016 for violating MLB’s drug policy.

“I’ve had a long, difficult time away from the game to contemplate the mistakes I’ve made both with regard to my positive drug tests and also the false allegations I made about Major League Baseball’s investigation into my testing history,” Mejia said in a statement. “Baseball is my profession, my passion and my life, and for those mistakes I am truly sorry. … I have much work ahead, but look forward to earning back the trust and respect of the New York Mets, the fans and especially my teammates.”

Mejia will be allowed to resume participation in non-public workouts at the Mets’ facilities after the upcoming All-Star break and will be eligible for a rehabilitation assignment with a Mets’ minor league team in mid-August. If he complies with his agreement with MLB, Mejia will be taken off the Restricted List and be eligible to participate in 2019 spring training. …


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It’s pretty obvious what’s happening here.  This is nothing more than a pity gesture from Major League Baseball.  The Mets are an embarrassment to baseball.  It reflects badly on the league.  New York is being carried singlehandedly by the Yankees, not that that’s anything new.  But if the league could have TWO blossoming New York franchises…OH the possibilities.  Enter: Jenrry Mejia, the only player to ever fail three separate drug tests (I think).

Honestly it has nothing to do with the Mets becoming good because they are quite bad and most likely won’t ever be good again.  But what’s the harm in letting the Mets get another crack at Jenrry Mejia?  What’s the harm in giving Jenrry Mejia another chance?  Rob Manfred is throwing Mejia and the Mets a bone.

And with that being said, I can’t wait to see the train wreck right before my eyes.  We’ve got nothing to cling onto other than Jacob deGrom (until they trade him for prospects that won’t pan out).  So if that means I have to keep tabs on Jenrry Mejia as he treks onward through the minors and back towards the Mets, then so be it.  Who’ll be with the Mets first, him or Tim Tebow?  Really makes you think.

Lastly, and all jokes aside, with the trade deadline looming, Jeurys Familia could very well be moved which would leave the door open for Mejia to retake his closer role in 2019.  The team is so bad that he could make a difference right now probably.

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