Sandy Alderson Is Stepping Away From The Mets To Address Health Issues

When the Mets call for a press conference with Sandy Alderson and Jeff Wilpon addressing the media, you know it’s serious business.  Unfortunately today’s news goes beyond business.  Sandy Alderson announced he’ll be stepping away from the Mets to address his health issues.  It appears that his cancer has resurfaced and his time, rightfully so, needs to be dedicated towards his health and his family.  The only winning he needs to focus on is beating cancer.  We’re all behind Sandy Alderson and wish him nothing but the best.

Sandy was asked about his future with the Mets and he naturally prioritized his health above all else.  He added that based on merit and performance, he’s unsure if he’s deserving of a future with the Mets.  It’s no surprise to hear Alderson take the blame for the Mets poor performance; he has never shied away from bearing responsibility.  But he’s right about that.  After winning the pennant in 2015, Sandy Alderson has been a complete disaster.  At the end of the day he has not gotten the job done as of late as Mets GM, and a replacement was inevitable.  Nonetheless, I hate to see anyone leave under circumstances like this.  You really gotta feel for the guy.

In regards to the Mets and the General Manager position, there’s still a job that needs to be done.  John Ricco, JP Ricciardi, and Omar Minaya will be in charge for the remainder of the season.  That rat Jeff Wilpon admitted today that he’s the ultimate decision maker (uhhh yeah no kidding dude, you haven’t empowered a GM to do literally anything ever).  The three guys are baseball veterans, which is definitely a good thing.  But I hate the idea of three guys doing one man’s job.  But then again it’s three guys doing nobody’s job because the Coupon’s are the judge, jury, and executioner around these parts.  So now instead of one guy wasting his time, three lapdogs will be doing exactly that.


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