Seth Lugo Was Stellar Last Night As The Mets Losing Streak Came To A Desperate End

All it took to stop the losing streak was Seth Lugo to fill in for Noah Syndergaard after feeling discomfort in his hand having a catch.  It’s so simple I don’t know how I didn’t think of it first.  Of course.  In Syndergaard’s absence, Lugo was brilliant in 6 innings of work.  The Yankees failed to score and managed only 2 measly hits off of the righty.  Lugo didn’t walk a single guy and struck out 8.  He was dominant.  He made mincemeat of a fearsome crosstown lineup.  He retired the final 13 batters he faced and was pulled after 84 pitches.  Prior to the game, Mickey Callaway set a soft 75-pitch limit.  I had no problem with any of this given that he’s been pitching out of the pen all year.  Thank god it worked though.  You know Mickey would have been crucified had the bullpen not held up.

It goes without saying but it’s pretty clear that Lugo is too valuable to move back to the bullpen.  Whether he found his way to the rotation by happenstance or merit (both), he needs to stay in the rotation.  That reliever void will be filled with someone who absolutely stinks, but Seth Lugo, for the time being, needs to start games instead of coming into games in which the Mets are already behind.


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