The Mets Are Holding Off On Cutting Jose Reyes Because They Want To Give Him A Proper Sendoff

It’s really great to see that the Mets have their priorities in order.  The team hasn’t score a run in 40 innings, just got swept by the Orioles (apparently the worst team in baseball but I have another nominee), and are in a downward spiral with no end in sight.  But we can’t cut ties with Jose Reyes because of his “roots”.  WHAT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT HERE?!  This ain’t a charity case.  We’re trying to win baseball games here.  Well, some of us are.  Can’t say so about ownership.

Jose Reyes might be the worst player in baseball.  He can’t hit.  He’s a defense liability.  His legs don’t work well enough to even be a useful pinch runner.  The only purpose he serves on this team is as a a mentor to Amed Rosario.  That does not warrant a roster spot.  The farm system isn’t exactly blooming with talent, but Reyes is stealing playing time and at bats from guys who just may be a part of the Mets future.  Jose Reyes has no future with the Mets or in Major League Baseball most likely.

A decade ago, Jose Reyes was a God in New York.  But gone are the days where he’d rip one into the right-center gap and fly around the bases.  He is a bad baseball player now who brings nothing to the table.  And for a team that’s struggling to get anything going, Reyes is not the answer.  The fact that the Mets want to give him a “proper sendoff” is a joke.  The fact that they’ve paid him millions of dollars over the last 2 seasons is more than enough of a sendoff.

But that’s what the Mets do.  They can’t let go of the past, whether that be bringing back former Mets on the cheap (Reyes, Bruce) or signing veterans who used to have pop (Adrian Gonzalez).  Thanks for the memories between 2003-2011.  Now it’s time to DFA this man.  Sendoff?  Let’s send his ass off on a rocket ship.


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