Citi Field Was On Fire Yesterday…If That Isn’t Symbolic I Don’t Know What Is

First things first, thankfully nobody was hurt in this incident.  Reports are saying that the fire was contained and extinguished before the FDNY even arrived. Time for jokes now since we got the serious stuff out of the way.  That’s the hardest anyone’s worked at Citi Field since 2015.  Boom roasted.  No wait, one more.  Looks like that’s the only fire that’s been put out at Citi Field.  Boom roasted.

Allegory /ˈaləˌɡôrē/ noun – a representation of an abstract or spiritual meaning through concrete or material forms; figurative treatment of one subject under the guise of another

That’s a little vocabulary lesson for your ass.  The Mets season is up in flames.  The Mets organization is one big dumpster fire.  It’s only fitting that their stadium, their home base, their safe haven and shelter, went up in literal flames yesterday.  I wish I had set the fire myself to be honest.  This could be rock bottom or it could be the best thing that’s ever happened to the Mets.  Maybe it’s a turning point for this season (doubtful).  Maybe yesterday’s flames were emblematic of a watershed moment for this godforsaken franchise (also doubtful).  But would it really have been the worst thing in the world if Citi Field was burned to rubble?  Let’s blow this whole thing up (no pun intended) and start from scratch.  Right now they’re a middle of the road team with no direction or financial freedom.  So it literally LITerally cannot be worse than the current state of affairs.  Get all of the people out safely and set all of Flushing ablaze.


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