I Declare The Mets 2018 Season Over As Of Yesterday May 27

I think that’s a wrap on the 2018 New York Mets season.  I could be wrong.  I’m probably right.  Maybe I’m overreacting.  Maybe I’m well within my reaction.  The Mets split a doubleheader yesterday with the Atlanta Braves.  But the day game loss was an absolute killer.  It was yet another masterful outing from our ace, Jacob deGrom.  He left the game and the bullpen quickly surrendered the lead.  The Mets regained the lead and gave it back again as some no name scrub walked it off for the Braves in the 9th.  It was an unacceptable loss that I believe to be the coup de gráce.

After scoring 4 runs in 3 games against the Marlins, who, mind you, are trying to lose games, and after losing 3 brutal games in a row in Milwaukee aka the Mets House of Horror, this game was unforgivable on so many levels.  They won the night game too; doesn’t matter.  You cannot lose that game in the fashion that they did: spoiling yet another dominant outing from deGrom, failing to score runs, blowing 2 leads in subsequent innings, bad managing, etc.  It was the perfect recipe for what the Mets could not afford to do, and they did just that.

I woke up this morning and actually thought I may have jumped the gun on waving the white flag.  Maybe it was premature.  But then I realized that nothing is going to change.  Are we expecting Todd Frazier to be our savior when he returns from the DL?  Are we gonna continue to try to hold serve and tread water while we wait for Cespedes’ legs to “recover”?  There haven’t even been any big injuries up to this point*.  The 11-1 start is long gone.  They are 15-25 since.  This is not a good baseball team we’re talking about here, and it’s only going to get worse.

And right on cue Syndergaard goes to the DL out of thin air.  Strained ligament in right index finger.  They say it’s minor, and it might be.  But it doesn’t matter.  This was validation that I was right in bowing out yesterday.  Even if he misses only a single start, the guy replacing filling in will most likely serve up batting practice (i.e. Jason Vargas).  Whatever, man.  The Mets are still above .500 (one game) and only 4.0 games out of first, but there isn’t a single reason to believe this ship will be righted.  This is a cursed team doomed for injuries and underperforming with owners who only shop at the clearance rack.  Doesn’t matter what pitcher has the ball, doesn’t matter what utility player is playing in the infield.  It doesn’t work.  What a shame.


*for players that actually matter


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