Mets Come From Behind, Walk Off, And Win Second Straight For First Time In Over A Month

Ever since the Mets jumped to that hot start out the gate (11-1, 12-2, etc.), they’ve played bad baseball.  There’s no other way to twist it.  They’ve been a bad team since then, probably because they are a bad team.  Having said that, they gutted out an impressive win last night, their second in a row, something they have not done since the second week of April.  It was a rollercoaster of a game; the D-Backs drew first blood, and then the Mets quickly answered with a Michael Conforto 2-run golfed HR on a hanging breaking ball.  Conforto was 4-4 on Friday night and may have finally emerged from his slump.

Matz gave the lead right back and continues to struggle (that’s another conversation for another day).  Down 4-2, Devin Morasco tied the game in the 8th with one swing of the bat; whether or not we’ve actually found a real catcher remains to be seen, but he’s far and away the best catcher on the team by evidence of his bat and the way he prepares for games.

Familia’s 1-2-3 9th inning set up for the Mets to finish the job after the momentum swing.  And finish the job they did.  Brandon Nimmo’s leadoff double got it started.  Asdrubal Cabrera, by his own accord, dropped a gorgeous bunt with the third basemen foolishly playing back.  That heads up play by the Ass Man put runners on the corners with nobody out.  And who better than Wilmer Flores aka Billy Flowers aka Wilmer Walk Off to seal the deal?  Sac Fly to left and you can put that in the books.

I still don’t think the Mets are a very good team.  They don’t do any one thing particularly well, but these last two wins should be enjoyed.  Jacob deGrom was masterful on Friday night.  After his 45-pitch first inning on Mother’s Day, the ace of the staff struck out 13 and comfortably stymied the Diamondbacks lineup.  Following that up with a come-from-behind victory was encouraging.  Back-to-back wins is hardly worth getting excited about, but it’s certainly a start if the Mets are going to turn this thing around.  I have my doubts but I will enjoy this series victory.

A few other housekeepings: Juan Lagares is done for the year.  It’s too bad that his body is made of pretzel sticks because he’s fantastic when he’s out there.  For starters, he’s been one of the few guys who’s hit consistently this year.  Secondly, his “balls to the wall” style of play will be missed; he got hurt making an all out catch in the 9th inning down 12-0.  You cannot teach effort like that, and it absolutely blows that we’re losing him to a goddamn toe injury.  There were complaints all of April that the crowded outfield was taking away at bats from Nimmo and Lagares.  With Cespedes sidelined, the backup outfielders right now are Philip Evans and Wilmer Flores.  Even Dom Smith is taking reps in the outfield in the minors.  What a mess.

Lastly, enough is enough with Jose Reyes.  This is not news, but last night further proved that he has no place on this roster.  He struggles in the field, he cannot hit, and he’s overall useless.  Luis Guillorm should see playing time every single day over bum ass Jose Reyes.  I’ll even take Ty Kelly at this point.  I cannot take it anymore.

Nonetheless, the Mets are on a mini roll with Syndergaard throwing today.  Two in a row, break up the Mets.  LGM.


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