Why Is There A FOUR Day Break Between Celtics Cavs Games?

The Celtics and Cavs played last night, TUESDAY.  Their next game is not until SATURDAY.  Four days in between games.  What a joke.  Why is it like this?  I understand the need for travel/rest days but this is excessive and unnecessary.  Realistically the next game should be Thursday.  If you want to add one more day in because of traveling, I’m fine with that.  That would make Game 3 Friday.  Then you make Game 4 Sunday and maximize the weekend.  Nope.  Saturday.  No game Wednesday.  No game Thursday.  No game Friday.  It probably works in the Cavs’ favor considering momentum was all Boston’s after Tuesday.  But that’s besides the point.  The break between games is ridiculous.  End of blog.


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