MRI Shows No Ligament Damage In Jacob deGrom’s Elbow

Andddddd exhale.  Did we just dodge a bullet again, Mets fans?  Somehow Cespedes came away unscathed when it looked like a certainty that he broke his thumb or tore ligaments.  And now we’re being told deGrom’s hyperextended elbow is nothing serious, no ligament damage, AND he may pitch on Monday.  So you’re trying to tell me it wasn’t worst case scenario for Jake?  This is an unusual feeling that we don’t know how to handle.  Jacob deGrom is the best pitcher on the staff, better than Syndergaard, and without him we’re just about done here.  Even he misses a few starts, that’s good news in the eyes of Mets fans.  When he left Wednesday’s game the world went silent because everyone was holding their breath.  We prepared for the worst, with good reason, but it appears that, at least for now, there’s not much to worry about.

Right on cue with this positive news, the Mets were almost no hit by Julio Teheran.  They got their asses kicked by the Braves to complete the sweep.  11-0 final.  Jason Vargas sucks.  Matt Harvey sucks.  Michael Conforto is ice cold.  Jay Bruce doesn’t hit.  Adrian Gonzalez is 70 years old. Todd Frazier hasn’t done anything.  Amed Rosario is completely in over his head at the dish.  Jose Reyes is a complete waste of a roster spot.  The Mets are in a downward spiral and continue to descend fast.  The 11-1 start has vanished as they now sit at 17-12.  Nothing is clicking right now.  But this shouldn’t be about the Mets’ ineptitude.  Jacob deGrom’s elbow is in tact, at least for today.  LGM.


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