Matt Harvey Is Being A Little Bitch

Matt Harvey is being a little bitch about being moved to the bullpen.  It’s difficult to articulate my level of hatred for Matt Harvey.  I used to worship him, we all did.  But he died on the mound in Game 5 of the World Series in 2015.  He’s hardly even a shell of himself now.  His velocity is down, his command is off, and his attitude STINKS.  Matt Harvey has suffered tough injury after tough injury, and I feel for him.  But he’s done himself no favors during his attempted comeback.  It’s one thing after another with this HAS BEEN.  And now this quote yesterday really bothered me.  Where does he get off big timing the media and then copping an attitude with them?  Harvey got moved to the bullpen because he was highly ineffective as a starting pitcher.  He said he was pissed off about his new role as a reliever, which is what you want to hear; prove yourself and earn back the respect and the role you so covet.  But after his first relief appearance didn’t go well, he ran and hid from the media.  THE METS WON and he still couldn’t face the media like a man.  “Wasn’t a great night for me but we got the W and that’s all that matters.  I’ll continue to try to work through this and get better but it’s all about the team.”  And the next day when asked about it, he lashed out like a little bitch.  I hate Matt Harvey so much right now.  Enough with the temper tantrums.  Enough with this false sense of entitlement.  Enough with Matt Harvey.


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