Wilmer Flores Delivers In The Clutch To Maintain That Mets Magic As The Nationals Come To Town

Yesterday’s Mets win was another one that had the makings of a loss written all over it.  It was a weird game in that Noah Syndergaard flirted with history when he struck out 10 straight but also couldn’t get through the 6th inning.  The weather was brutal, but Thor didn’t help himself with a 29-pitch 1st inning.  Mickey Callaway had a serious brain fart in the 5th that would have gotten major scrutiny had the Mets not won.  He pinch hit Jay Bruce in an obvious IBB scenario to then let Syndergaard hit with the bases loaded.  It could have been an opportunity to bust the game open with insurance runs, but it was nothing more than a head scratching move that we can luckily put behind us.

Brandon Nimmo was fantastic yesterday, highlighted by his game-tying HR in the 6th.  He was a double shy of the cycle and continues to impress in his limited role; even more importantly, he’s more than okay in contributing off the bench if that’s how it plays out.  Nimmo is a team player through and through and will see more playing time if he continues to hit when his name gets called.

But it was Wilmer Flores, aka Billy Flowers aka Walk Off Wilmer, who was the hero.  Mets fans are no strangers to his late game heroics since the night he was/wasn’t traded and cried on the field.  In the bitter cold, Wilmer put the team on his back with a walk off home run in the 9th, boosting the Mets to another series win and a 12-2 start.  Flores has been a fan favorite for years now, and moments like this only continue to strengthen his case.  It goes without saying that he wants to play for the Mets, and it goes without saying that Mets fans reciprocate. I, personally, don’t love Wilmer like most seem to do, but he’s a pivotal piece to the Mets’ depth which has proven to be very valuable through the first few weeks of the season.  Wilmer didn’t have a great day in the field yesterday (no surprise considering he’s pedestrian at all infield positions) but made up for his and everyone else’s missteps with the long ball.  Hard to complain about that.


The Nationals are coming to town for a 3 game set.  Neither Scherzer nor Strasburg will see the Mets so this is a great opportunity for the Mets to hopefully put the Nasties even further in the rear view mirror.  It’s a long, long season but this Mets momentum is a force to be reckoned with.  The Mets Magic is realer than real right now.


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