Hansel N’ Griddle Hoboken Has Closed Its Doors

Late last week/early last weekend the suspicions that Hansel N’ Griddle’s Hoboken location was closing were unfortunately confirmed.  The roommate tried ordering on Thursday but couldn’t get through on the phone; the online ordering was unavailable at all.  We attributed this minor setback to a systems issue on their end.  Maybe their computers were all screwed up.  There was no reason to think otherwise.  Turns out the computers were not screwed up but actually powered down.  The situation, however, could now be categorized as “screwed up”.  Friday evening I decided to take an alternate route home which would include walking by Hansel N’ Griddle, or what used to be Hansel N’ Griddle (ugh, that hurt to type).  I didn’t want to see it for myself, but at the same time I knew I needed to.  Door was locked, lights were off, refrigerator was empty.  It was soul crushing to say the least.

Something so near and dear to my heart was ripped away from me.  My longstanding history with Hansel N’ Griddle needs no mentioning, but I felt personally offended in a way.  Obviously I didn’t expect, or deserve, a personal notification regarding this news, but there was no notice put out period.  It wasn’t until word had already spread that Hansel put out their official statement on the Twitter.

My official statement shortly followed:

And so now we grieve.  Some will move on quickly.  Some will lament.  I would say the Hoboken residents who are Rutgers alum will be affected more.  My relationship with Hansel N’ Griddle is going on almost 8 years now, some much longer.  How am I handling this?  Let’s just say I stocked up on food from Hansel HQ yesterday aka the Easton Avenue location.  With that being said, I’ll survive as will everyone else.  The roommate is rather distraught.  He’s a pickier eater than I, so Hansel has been his go-to since we moved in.  It’s more of an “old reliable” for me, but we’re both pretty upset about it.

Business is business so I can’t hold any resentment towards Hansel.  They obviously didn’t want to close their doors, but the economics reared its ugly head in this case.  Any relationship experiences its share of ups and downs.  This’ll be a test for us.  After 8 years of easy access, circumstances have now put us in a long distance relationship.  We’re gonna make it, but it’ll take some time to adjust.  The time we spend together going forward will be that much more meaningful.  THAT is how you turn a negative into a positive, baby.

PS – I have half a smoothie from Hansel in my freezer.  It’s a Banana Flip w/ Oreos, and it will remain in my freezer as a memento because once I drink that smoothie, then Hoboken Hansel is officially gone.  Jesus Christ I have issues now that I think about it.  I need to let go of the past and the best way to do that is to burn the pictures aka drink that delicious smoothie.


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