The Roommate Called Out Of Work Today Because Of A Few Snowflakes

It’s currently lightly snowing in the NYC Metropolitan area.  The roommate called out of work because of the weather.  Imagine being so fragile that a few snowflakes deter you from going to work.  Imagine letting some slightly inconvenient precipitation prevent you from earning an honest living.  I passive-aggressively took a jab at him in a group chat, so he told me to “blog it”.  He also called me “bitch boy”.  So here I am blogging it.  There are maybe 2 inches of snow on the ground.  Roads seemed fine.  You would have thought there were three feet of snow on the ground.  My commute saw no detours or issues whatsoever.  He’s a pretty terrible driver so citing “the roads” as an excuse doesn’t hold any water because he’s a risk behind the wheel no matter what the weather is.  This is nothing more than a pathetic start to the week for the roommate.  Back at it tomorrow, maybe.


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