Enough Is Enough With Manish Mehta’s Unprofessionalism Towards The Jets

This was news on Friday, so given the way the internet works, this is no longer news.  It should remain front page news for now as draft season approaches and the free agent frenzy picks up.  This also isn’t the first “offense” for Manish Mehta, for lack of a better term.  So it wouldn’t surprise me to see this event come and go without much hubbub.  Manish Mehta should not be let off the hook for this.  Manish Mehta covers the Jets for the NY Daily News.  He’s notorious for exploiting players with whom he has a personal gripe in order to produce headlines and create buzz.  For as long as I can remember, Manish Mehta has stirred the upon for his own personal gain, even if it comes at tearing down players within the locker room.  Every Jets fan despises Manish Mehta as do many players past and present.  I don’t follow him on Twitter because he brings nothing to the table for me other than pettiness and nonsense.

Late Thursday night, MM took to Twitter air out a long-storied grievance with Muhummad Wilkerson.  Recently cut by the Jets (rightfully so), Mo has been linked to teams such as the Saints, Packers, and Chiefs.  His first meeting was in New Orleans, so Manish tweeted publicly to his 66.1K followers (plus more) that the Big Easy is not suitable for Mo given his “issues with alcohol”.  What the fuck?  There are so many things wrong with that tweet.  Firstly, Mo Wilk is no longer on the Jets; that means that Manish Mehta doesn’t have a real place to comment on his free agency.  Secondly, there is no official history of Wilkerson’s alleged “issues with alcohol”.  And even if there were, Twitter is not the place to blow that up.  The fact that these allegations are not known makes this worse tenfold.  Manish Mehta claimed (on Boomer & Gio on Friday morning) that everyone knows about Mo’s drinking problems.  He denied calling him an alcoholic, but that’s nothing more than Manish trying to spin what he said.  If everyone knows, then there’s no reason to mention it.  And given that this is the first anyone’s hearing about it, he’s got some nerve mentioning it and putting a massive target on Mo’s back.

Mo Wilk’s mother called into Boomer & Gio shortly after Manish made himself look like an ever bigger ass to dispute everything he said.  Not only did she dispel any rumors of “issues with alcohol”, but she also called Manish Mehta out for his longstanding axe to grind with her son.  She also said she’s not above suing his bum ass for defamation of character.  That’s a mother’s wrath that you best not get in the way of.  When Manish was on with Boomer & Gio, he said that they were twisting his words around.  Specifically, Manish Mehta claims to not have called Mo Wilkerson an alcoholic.  Bro you said he’s got “issues with alcohol”.  Potato potahto you dummy.  Fuck that guy.  I don’t even like Muhammad Wilkerson yet here I am defending him against one of the biggest buffoons in journalism.  Mo stopped producing for the Jets so they cut his ass.  What value does Manish Mehta bring to the Jets organization?  Time to dump his pot-stirring, instigating, unprofessional ass too.


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