McDonald’s To Cut Cheeseburgers From Happy Meals, America Weeps

Reuters: McDonald’s Corp is removing cheeseburgers from U.S. Happy Meal menus and shrinking the french fry serving in one “Mighty Meal” as part of a new global plan to cut calories and make its food for children more healthy. …

By 2022, McDonald’s aims to have at least half of the Happy Meals listed on its drive-thru, restaurant and digital menus around the world contain 600 calories or less, 10 percent of calories from saturated fat, 650 mg of sodium, and 10 percent of calories from added sugar. The chain’s U.S. restaurants will continue to offer Happy Meal cheeseburgers on request, which nudges diners to change behavior. When it did the same thing with Happy Meal sodas in 2013, some customers switched to water, milk or juice. …

The company, which in the past has taken heat for using toys to promote its Happy Meals, plans to offer books as a year-round replacement option in 100 markets by the end of 2019 – up from 20 today. …


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McDonald’s has some nerve.  I couldn’t tell you the last time I ordered a Happy Meal, but that’s nowhere in the same stratosphere as the point I’m trying to make.  How many times do I have to say this?  It’s about the principle.  What’s next?  They remove the golden arches?!  If McDonald’s wants to encourage healthy eating they should close up shop altogether.  You can’t have it both ways.  They wanna replace the toys with books?  Meh.  Don’t love it but I’m willing to co-sign that one.  Taking away the toys is one thing, but prohibiting kids from eating cheeseburgers is sacrilegious to the fast food game.  If they’re going to serve me a 20-piece and large fries at 3am without blinking an eye, the kids can enjoy a cheeseburger from time to time.  Y’all are Mickey D’s, not the Salad Factory.  We’ve gone soft as a nation.  The only way for kids to learn that McDonald’s will destroy your insides for up to 36 hours after the fact is to give them free reign at the drive through.  Don’t give us any restrictions.  When the fast food craving kicks in, we deserve carte blanche.  Let these youngsters learn the hard way.


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