I Don’t Watch ‘This Is Us’ And Here’s Why

This Is Us is the talk of the town.  The world pretty much shuts down on Tuesday nights from 9-10.  Twitter explodes with rapid reactions.  Women and children are shouting from their windows.  People of all ages, races, and religions are laughing, they’re crying, they’re happy, they’re sad.  It’s an emotional rollercoaster, and it’s hard to keep up as a bystander.  I am a bystander because I do not watch This Is Us.  The obsession with it has become so prominent that I find myself in the minority.  And the reason I don’t watch is not to be a contrarian.  I’m not beneath that, I’d like to make that abundantly clear, but it’s really nothing more than a lack of interest.  It’s just not my “type” of show.  I don’t watch much “nicey nice” television.

I’m sure it’d be great for my soul, and I have no doubts that I’d love the show that millions of others covet so much.  Though it may not seem so sometimes, I’d like to think I’m quite comfortable with vulnerability and being emotional.  My lack of interest in This Is Us is probably mostly attributed to my want for escapism when I watch shows.  Not to say that most of the TV I watch is “fantasy” because it’s not, but for the 30 or 60 minute I can immerse myself in something that’s far removed from my daily life.  That’s vague, but it’s true.  Maybe the show offers too much “realness” for me.  Consuming content is very subjective whether it be television or something else.  I watch shows that I love as does everyone else. I love that everyone loves it so much.  My hope is that This Is Us fans can respect my abstaining even if they disagree with it.  And my position is subject to change because I’m allowed to do authorize changes in my own life.

Thank you for listening and reading.


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