Having To Slum It With Wired Headphones As An AirPods Owner Was A Harrowing Experience

Monday was a Monday if I’ve ever seen one.  As I left the comfort of my freezing cold apartment (the windows are old and shitty and leak in cold air as if the windows were open), I was feeling good.  I usually love Mondays.  Everyone’s always in a bad mood, filled with complaints, giving me more opportunity to do what I need to do while everyone else is moving at half speed.  Once I step foot outside, I have a 15 minute walk followed by a 15 minute train ride, followed by a 5 minute train ride, followed by 10 minute walk.  It’s actually quite nice.  I’ve got ample time to collect my thoughts, hype myself up, mentally prep for the day/week, people watch, ponder why we still can’t get WiFi below ground, listen to some music, consume some content usually in podcast form, and more.  I know what you’re thinking: how does he do all of that in 45ish minutes?  Because I don’t complain about little things that don’t really matter.  I lock in and go tunnel fucking vision on what I need to do.

With that being said, my entire routine was compromised as a result of my own stupidity and neglect.  I forgot to charge my Airpods.  I slipped in the right headphone, followed by the left.  Both felt snug as could be.  Time to press play.  But first…I heard a noise in both ears that I knew meant trouble.  It was the signal that my Airpods were dead.  No problem, I’ll put them back in the case and let them recharge for a few minutes.  I was improvising on the fly like a pro’s pro.  But to make matters worse, the charging case was dead too.  Mother of god.  It’s happening.  I have to dig into my bag to find my old headphones, the ones with WIRES.

After finally untangling the wires (classic), it felt like trying on a pair of sneakers I wore 10 years ago.  The fit was off.  The volume stunk.  The wires dangled and annoyed me.  I probably looked pissed off in addition to looking ridiculous.  The songs didn’t excite me.  The podcasts didn’t interest me.  I hated everything about my ears and the sounds projecting into them.  I felt like just another average schlub on the train rocking headphones that were connected by copper wire.  I fit in; what a nightmare.  It was embarrassing and unbecoming.  Once you make the decision to improve your quality of life with AirPod headphones, there’s no going back.  Imagine trading in your iPhone for a freaking enV.  That’s essentially what I had to do.  I was horrified, but I was humbled.  I think this needed to happen so that it doesn’t happen ever again.

One more thing – I hate how this blog turned out.  I didn’t re read it but I had an idea of what I wanted to write and this was not it.  As it got going I thought I could improve on what I had originally planned only to quickly realize it was going off the rails.  Couldn’t even get the title right.  It’s unorganized and stupid, but I guess I got my point across.  And here I am rambling again.  Prob should cut my losses.  Okay, goodbye.


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