After Over A Decade Of Eargasmic Music, Daddy Yankee Was Finally Recognized On The Grammy Stage Last Night

Daddy Yankee got some serious burn at the Grammy’s last night.  He was briefly highlighted on the red carpet, and he rocked the stage with Luis Fonsi when they performed their smash hit Despacito.  I enjoyed every second of it.  As a Daddy Yankee fan of 15 years, it was rewarding for me to see his prowess finally get its due recognition.  Despacito didn’t win any notable awards last night, but it didn’t need to.  This song was the song of the summer, and it may very well be the song of the summer again come MDW.  For Daddy Yankee it was not about the hardware but the culmination of a brilliant musical career of hit after hit.  I was stoked so I can’t imagine what my guy Daddy Yankee was feeling.

And speaking of hits, Despacito is only the most recent of Daddy Yankee’s bangers.  Bieber helped take it to Mars but it’s pretty clear who the true creative genius behind it is.  Best known for Gasolina, he is FAR from a fluke.  The average joe won’t know him for anything other than Gasolina and maybe Despacito, but any true reggaeton zealot knows Daddy Yankee’s resume goes way beyond the mainstream pair.

Que Tengo Que Hacer
Lo Que Paso, Paso
Ella Me Levanto
La Despedida

All heaters.  All strawberry jelly on toast JAMS.  This is not a joke of any sorts.  I genuinely love Daddy Yankee’s music.  There’s something about that reggaeton vibe that gets my feet going and my blood pumping.  There’s something about that Puerto Rican flare that resonates with all party people out there.  I should have made my bar mitzvah Reggaeton-themed.  Go listen to Limbo and tell me you’re not moving and shaking that ass.  Baila baila!  Vamos!  Take us out, DY!


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