I Am Officially A Jets Season Ticket Holder/Idiot

It’s been a lifelong goal of mine to be a season ticket holder.  It’s on my bucket list (yes, I actually have a physical, tangible list).  Actually does a Word document count as tangible?  Or does it only become perceptible by touch when/if I print it?  I digress.  People cite their bucket lists all the time, but few actually have one.  I continue to add to my list regularly.  The list won’t ever be completed, but the chase is good enough for me.  I’ve gone off on a tangent here, and for that I apologize.

As I was saying, I am now a New York Jets season ticket holder.  I don’t “own” the seat as I did not have to pay for PSLs (otherwise known as Personal Seat Licenses which more or less entitle the licensee to pay for that particular seat).  Confusing?  You must not be a season ticket holder yourself.  I remember those days.  But as of today, and until further notice, I’m a Jets season ticket holder.  With that title come many comparative labels such as dummy, idiot, fool, pathetic, loser, and more.  These are all badges of honor that we as Jets fans, reluctantly, wear proudly.  I’m now officially an idiot.

Nothing like shelling out right while the Patriots are about to win their 30th straight Super Bowl with 5+ more in the pipeline.  Perfect timing!  Jet up!


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