People Are Saying All Skittles Are The Same Flavor – My Column:

Many unsubstantiated reports have infiltrated the web regarding the (alleged) lack of difference between the Skittles flavors.  Are you following?  They’re saying that all Skittles taste the same.  I’ve included none of those reports due to the glaring absence of evidence and credibility.  You can search for yourself, but prepare to be disappointed with the selection of articles.  They are the fakest of fake news.

Here’s a report you can trust.  Skittles do not all taste the same.  I’m a Skittles guy, always have been, always will be.  Skittles are my all time #1 candy.  That’ll never change.  I may prefer another sweet treat on any given day, but Skittles are cemented in the top spot for the rest of my days.  In recent years I have been public about my dissatisfaction of the change from Lime (green) to Green Apple-flavored Skittles.  To this day I firmly stand by that.  I’m in no position to direct a company on how to or not to conduct their business, but someone at MARS HQ should have gotten the axe for authorizing that change.  Simply put, the lime was delicious and the green apple is not.  In other words, I CAN TASTE THE DIFFERENCE.

These rumors suggest that our brains are more or less tricking our taste buds into thinking the Skittles taste differently when the only real disparities are the color and scent.  Evidently we preemptively associate colors with flavors, so psychologically we’ve already decided what the Skittles are going to taste like before actually tasting them.  Bullshit.  It’s all bullshit.  I’ll admit that I don’t know much.  But I know that each Skittles flavor tastes differently.  I don’t doubt that there’s a preconceived expectation which affects the taste, but don’t sit here and try to deceive me with this garbage.  Conceptually, it makes sense.  And I vehemently disagree with it.


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