The Mets Have Offered 50 Cent A Chance At First Pitch Redemption

I am going to keep this light and not comment on how this is one of the biggest pieces of Mets news this offseason.  This is about Custis Jackson.  This is about redemption.  This is about second chances.  This is about righting a wrong.  50 Cent is known for transcendent hits such as In Da Club, 21 Questions, Candy Shop, Many Men, and many more (nice touch at the end there if I may say so, myself).  He’s more recently known for the worst ceremonial first pitch in ceremonial first pitch history.

He’ll forever be known for that first pitch.  If he accepts the Mets’ offer and throws a fastball down the plate, it won’t matter.  And for that reason I think 50 Cent should decline the offer.  In fact, I wouldn’t even respond.  The Mets can take a hike.  When you put on a Mets jersey, bad things happen to you.  Period, end of story.  50 is a legend and will forever be one.  He will also have a black cloud over him for all of eternity because of his impossibly bad first pitch mishap.  There’s no benefit to trying again.  Keep that L in your rear view mirror, and get back to putting out hits.


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