Oprah Is Awesome

If you missed Oprah at the Golden Globes last night, I feel sorry for your mundane, uninspiring Sunday evening.  She was given the Cecil B. Demille Award, which honors a recipient for their outstanding contribution to the world of entertainment.  The only problem with Oprah being bestowed this accolade last night was that it should have happened sooner.  Oprah is one of very few people where whenever I see them or even hear their name, my gut reaction is to say “damn she’s awesome”.  Oprah Winfrey is awesome.  And the weird part of it is that I’m surprised by how much I respect her each time.  It’s almost as if I think I’m indifferent on her only to be overwhelmed by her presence each and every time.  I’m not indifferent whatsoever.  She’s incredible.

Her speech last night was about 9 minutes long, and she did not spend one second talking about herself.  That was the main takeaway I took from her words last night.  She spoke about her mother and her inspirations, meanwhile she’s an inspiration to millions upon millions of people.  It was not about her but rather who made sacrifices for the greater good.  She praised the press for giving ALL of us a platform to speak the truth.  She encouraged ALL to not be ashamed but to be hopeful and confident.  Oprah stood proudly on the Golden Globes stage and represented not only women, not only African-Americans, but anyone and everyone who believes in the celebration of heroes and pioneers, of dreamers and go-getters.  Though she didn’t make it about herself for even a moment, Oprah represents all of the great qualities which she highlighted last night.  And I’d be remiss to not mention that my goosebumps got goosebumps when she yelled “their time is UP!”

Oprah 2020?  Hmm…


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