The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Looks Amazing. So Why Don’t They Do It Every Year?

I got a glimpse of the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center; I’m sure you have to either with your own eyeballs or on the social media platform of your choice.  It looks amazing.  Bright as ever, tall, strong, beautiful, cheerful, and on and on and on.  The tree is stunning.  So I propose a question:  Why isn’t this a yearly tradition?  Why don’t they put a big Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center every year?  Seems like the feedback this year has been nothing but positive.  When my eyes met the bright lights, I was overcome with holiday cheer.  There are Christmas trees and there are Christmas trees.  But the tree at Rockefeller Center beats them all.

Imagine all of the people that would travel from across the globe just to see the tree if they did this annually?  New York City would finally become a travel destination for tourists.  Seriously, it’s a spectacle worth checking out.  It’s not just the tree, it’s an entire production.  Bright lights, jolly music, elegant decorations, and (most of all) happy-go-lucky people!  I can’t imagine I’m the first person to suggest this as it seems glaringly obvious.  If this is me repeating what everyone else says, so be it.  If this is me trying to spread jubilation and Christmas cheer, even better.  Let’s start a petition.  Put a Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center every year!


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