I Want To Start Investing In Kickstarter Campaigns

Yesterday I blogged about the ‘Dip Clip’ Kickstarter campaign that I stumbled across that lets you install a stand for your dipping sauce into your car AC vent to allow for easy dipping.  Not exactly my cup of tea, but it’s a cute idea and a damn practical one.  And it got me thinking.  I should start investing in Kickstarters.  I know it’s not quite like a real investment where in exchange for money I obtain equity.  From what I understand about Kickstarter it’s more or less a donation to support a new product that’s not yet at “start up” status.  They use crowdfunding to help build a foundation and awareness around their product.  I think that’s pretty damn cool.  I’m years if not decades away from entering the VC world that so many of us put on a pedestal.  It would be more about the HONEY than the MONEY at the end of the day because if, let’s say, the product takes off and turns into something huge, I have the satisfaction and glory of knowing that I was right.  My intuition was on point.  That’s unquantifiable.  If you’ve ever backed a project on Kickstarter holler at me because I have questions.  I’ll probably forget about this tomorrow but today it’s top of mind.


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