New Kickstarter That Helps Us Dip Our Nuggets And Fries Whilst Driving

FoodBeast: …Unfortunately, if you’re nabbing nugs on the go, it can be a pain since trying to dunk and drive is always a precarious task. While we’ve come up with an ingenious hack or two to solve this issue in the past, the team at Milkmen Design has eliminated the need for those complex resolutions with a universal “Dip Clip.” Like your cell phone holder or some air fresheners, the Dip Clip can fit onto basically every air vent out there, while it’s sauce-holding functionality encompasses the vast majority of fast food packets. For those that don’t fit, or if you’re looking to utilize your own dip of choice, there’s also a custom food-safe ramekin that can be used instead. …


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Amazing video.  Cringeworthy, no doubt, but funny nonetheless.  It was so-over-the top and in your face that it almost seemed like a joke.  It turns out that it’s far from a joke and actually an active, thriving Kickstarter campaign for the ‘Dip Clip’.  My feeling is that the video is about two minutes too long, but it was funny enough where I was locked in start to finish.  I knew where it was heading but had to see it unfold, so credit to ‘Dip Clip’ for the compelling video.

With that said, I actually don’t like this idea.  It makes a ton of sense; it’s practical, safe, and convenient.  But the whole point of eating while driving is that it’s not supposed to make sense.  It’s unnatural and dangerous.  Looking down, away from the road, into my bag to grab a good handful of fries is what gets my blood pumping.  Trying to remember which cupholder my sauce is sitting in and dipping a chicken nugget into an empty, crusty, dirty cupholder instead is part of the deal.  There’s something special about fumbling blindly through your bag to find the fries below your nuggets without spilling everything lose into the bad (although sometimes that’s the easy route).  It’s that occupational hazard that we sign up for with FFEWD (Fast Food Eating While Driving).

If you don’t like the struggle of trying to dip whilst driving, I feel that 100%.  The ‘Dip Clip’ was made for you.  It looks awkward and funny but it appears to work.  Personally, I love the difficulty that comes with mowing down my fries before I get home, including driving with my knees and dipping my fries into the sauce of my choice.  But hey, that’s just me.  I’ll throw a bone to ‘Dip Clip’ in case you didn’t click their article – check out the Kickstarter for yourself because $35K and counting is no joke.


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