Why Don’t Miss Universe/Miss America Pageants Get More Promotion?

Miss Universe was last night.  Nobody knew about it until it was on TV.  Seems like that’s always what happens when it comes to Miss Universe, Miss America, etc.  Why don’t pageants get more promo?  Why is it that nobody knows about them until they’re actually on?  It’s weird because I don’t think I’d schedule anything around one of these shows, but at the same time when they’re on they’re must watch for me.  But I bet a lot of people would set their DVRs and circle it on the calendar.  Even if they don’t promote it until the week or two before, it’s better than nothing.

While I have your brief attention, I have a few quick thoughts on pageants.  Firstly, the Q+A is the best part by far.  It’s a common misconception that the Swimsuit segment is the main event.  It’s always hilarious to watch someone fumble their words and give an answer that makes not a lick of sense.  Secondly, I hate how they announce “Second Runner Up” instead of just saying 3rd Place.  It’s confusing and unnecessary.  Sometimes they announce Top 5 including “Fourth Runner Up, Third Runner Up, etc.”.  Nobody knows what that means, just say 5th place, 4th place, and keep it moving.  And lastly, they always announce 3rd place and then the winner; the woman who comes in 2nd gets completely ignored.  Makes no sense.  Announce 2nd place, then announce the winner, and leave 3rd place unacknowledged.


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