I’d Prefer If These Giant Spider Crabs Were Not Real

Yeah soooo apparently these are real.  They’re real, and they’re spectacular terrifying.  If there’s any confusion to how these spider crabs operate, I’ve done some additional research despite my reluctance for fact checking.  They travel by the thousands (sometimes hundreds of thousands), primarily off the Australian shore.  Once a year they outgrow their exterior shells, and the only way for them to overcome that is to head close to shore to emerge from their old shells.  They need a few days for their shells to harden up, until which time they’re susceptible to prey such as stingrays.  So they stack up on top of each other to protect those that need it.  Now we’ve got mountains of spider crabs in the shallows of the ocean.

Sounds like they’re regional only to Australian waters.  Not good enough for me.  You know what’s across the ocean from Australia?  These United States.  DailyMail says “the crustaceans are mostly harmless”.  Baloney.  Not buying it.  Don’t want them in any ocean.  Don’t want them alive.  Don’t want them in existence.  Humans are terrified of spiders in their homes, and now we have to deal with them below sea level also?  Who knows what else is out there.  Spiders are invading land, air, and sea.  I can do without them, though it appears as if they are, in fact, real.  I’ve lived a happy life up to this point with no knowledge of these ocean crawlers.  Feels like it’s all been a lie.  Are these spider crabs responsible for the killing of the Great Barrier Reef?  Probably.  If you said they’re to blame for global warming I’d believe that too.  Consider me OUT on Spider Crabs of all kinds and regions.


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