Reminder That The People Who Were So Ready For Fall/Winter Will Be The First To Get Sick Of The Cold

Now that it’s cold out, I’ve got some thoughts I need to get out.  The theme is rather evergreen in the sense that it can be applied year round from a high level POV, but with the daily temperature officially being “cold” now, no better time then the present to speak my mind.  Though the weather has just finally turned, this is a preemptive callout of the people who will complain about the cold weather.  Complaints are nothing new.  People complain all the fucking time, and the weather is low hanging fruit.  Weather-centric grievances don’t necessarily bother me.  What bothers me, and I wish it bothered more people, is that most the people who will cry about the cold weather are the same people who were “so ready for fall!”.  The ones that were “tired of summer just get me football and flannel shirts” are the ones that will shout from the rooftops “like can this cold weather just not?!”  And that’ll be succeeded by the painful Instagrams about “missing sunny days” and throwbacks “to warm weather and not a care in the world”.  Those are nauseating.  Fuck those people.  Can’t have it both ways, you hypocrites.  It’s not my fault that you’re impossible to please.  I’m getting out ahead of this one to spread awareness.  The days of the frigid cold are rapidly approaching, and those ensuing crybaby moments are inevitably quick to follow.  If you know someone who was excited for the cold weather, don’t hesitate to call them out when they complain about the freezing temps.


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