As The Weather Starts To Turn, A Ray Of Sunshine Emerges: Paul Wall Is Back In The News

ESPNHouston’s World Series fever has spread to one of the city’s most treasured residents: rapper Paul Wall.  Wall, who is best known for his affinity for grillz (gold teeth), wants to share his look with the Houston Astros and took to Twitter to make his offer public.

Pitcher Lance McCullers Jr. was quick to share the team’s excitement over their new bling.

But the offer isn’t just limited to the players. Astros reporter Julia Morales is also going to have her teeth — to quote Wall — gleaming like she’s chewing on aluminum foil.

Wall also welcomed one of the team’s famous fiancées to collect her grillz as well. …


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The fall foliage is underway.  The weather is turning.  Pumpkin Szn is in full swing.  But even with the morning frost and grey skies, a beaming ray of sun appeared today.  Paul Wall is back in the news. The Astros are up against the best team in baseball as well as a 0-1 deficit.  Houston was recently ravaged by a historically tragic hurricane.  Fear no more.  Paul Wall is back.  And he’s sellin’ giving everybody grillz.  Free grillz for all in the spirit of the Astros World Series run.  If Paul Wall can’t fire up the squad, nobody can.  There was this dude in my homeroom in high school (shout out Cayman Hildreth) who wore grillz on the first day of high school.  It was the greatest thing these eyes had ever seen.  It became a story, a legend even that my classmates and I told proudly to others.  He decided to run it back on graduation day, and suddenly the sadness of graduation turned to joy.  I’d like to think the Astros will feel something similar with this kind gesture from Mr. Wall.  Minute Maid Park better be grilled from the dugout to the nosebleeds come game 3.

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