I Hate The iMessage Text Reactions

I hate the iMessage reaction feature.  Liking, disliking, questioning, haha-ing messages.  What’s the point?  More so, my issue is with these reactions coming through as new messages, as alerts to my phone.  It drives me fucking crazy.  Why can’t I disable the notifications of the reactions?  You can like or dislike as many freaking texts as you want, let’s just find another way to get those points across.  There’s no reason “Matt laughed at an image” needs to appear as a new text.  That language doesn’t even sound right. “Laughed at an image”…how dumb does that sound?  It’s mind blowing that Apple thinks this is normal.  Maybe I’m nitpicking but maybe I’m making a ton of sense.  You tell me.  I think I’m more than rational.  Whenever I bring it up, almost everyone takes the opposition’s side.  I appear to be on an island by myself of wanting only new messages to pop up as new messages.

If it’s an all-or-nothing scenario, then I’m out on the whole ordeal.  Get rid of the reactions altogether if that’s the only way.  Again, I don’t have much of an issue with the reactions in general but rather the notification part of it.  I strongly believe my position makes a ton of logical sense.  Let’s find a compromise somewhere in the middle.


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