It Pains Me To Watch The Yankees Win Another World Series

Another championship.  First one since 2009.  Could you imagine such a drought?!  Unfathomable.  #28 finally after all these years.  It’s about time Yankees fans got to experience some happiness.  For my entire youth I knew the Yankees to be kings and the Mets to be the court jesters, the laughingstock that only serves a purpose of eliciting laughter at their own expense.  Year after year the Yankees would pop champagne.  Lucky for me, I was young enough to not really care all that much.  Obviously it bothered me, obviously I was jealous and yearning for just one ring, but I was just a kid.  I couldn’t truly understand the magnitude of their dynasty.

This is a really good Yankees team.  The lineup is lethal, the starting pitching has been great, and the back end of the bullpen is lockdown.  The new stadium has been rocking much like the golden days of the original Yankee Stadium.  All of their prospects have seemingly turned into stars already and will continue to flourish for the next decade plus.  The team has a playbook of cute, little dugout gimmicks.  It’s been party after party in the Bronx.  Fake fans are falling from trees out of their 8-year hibernations to dance in the streets.  It makes me sick to my stomach.  Yankees fans don’t deserve this.  Mets fans, we do this to ourselves because we made our beds and have to lie in them.  Unlike myself, too many buy into this false hope every season and continue to fund, enable, and endorse a mediocre product.  Much of Mets-induced pain is self-induced.  But Yankees fans, real or fugazi, do not deserve this.

Meanwhile the Mets are probably gonna cut payroll and dumpster dive this offseason to “fill” their many vacancies in their lineup.  The Yankees haven’t had a losing season in like 75 years, and their “rebuilds” take 2 years of 85-win baseball.  The Mets are incapable of building long term success and going all in to strike when the iron’s hot.  The Mets are most likely about to hire Kevin Long as their next manager, who I assume is nothing more than a “yes man” under the Wilpon tutelage.  Just 2 years removed from a trip to the World Series, the Mets have shown very few, if any, signs that they’re committed to competing next year.  It’s a sad state of affairs in Queens, as per usual, and it’s sunshine, rainbows, and ticker tape parades in the Bronx.

You may think this is nothing new, but it’s actually entirely new.  Since 2009, the Yankees really haven’t been much of a problem in my life.  For the better part of a decade, I’ve been able to watch the Mets let me down in peace.  In fact, putting the past aside, it’s been better to be a Mets fan than a Yankees fan since 2010 with some exceptions here and there.  And through the years I’ve gotten older and developed a deeper appreciation for baseball and a better understanding of how sports franchises are built, torn down, and rebuilt.  This is arguably the worst time to be a Mets fan as our team is on the precipice of a cataclysmic organizational debacle, and the Yankees are on the brink of another dynasty.  It’s frustrating and dejecting.


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One thought on “It Pains Me To Watch The Yankees Win Another World Series

  1. Hey Erik,
    I disgree. As a Yankees fan, we deserve this. We put a lot of effort into these games every year. Maybe your team should follow our footprints. I’ve been around a long time, this is our greatest team in a while (2009). Heck I have a lot of knowledge. I think the mets are a conspirsy really. Goodluck pal. Brb ttul

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