Wikipedia Has Some Nerve Asking Me For Money

A quick statement towards Wikipedia, if you’ll indulge me.  I love Wikipedia; we all do.  As far as I know, every word on that site is patently factual.  Wikipedia has helped get me through college and provided answers for me in times of need on countless occasion.  Maybe the reputation for Wikipedia isn’t the best, but we all still accept it and love it for what it is at the end of the day.  “Where’d you read that?!”  “Wikipedia”.  You roll your eyes but you know it’s fine.

The best part of Wikipedia is that it’s almost always the first Google result when you search just about anything.  No wasted time looking for answers because Wikipedia has us covered more times than not.  But my most recent trip to Wikipedia on the web was annoying to say the least.  As usual, my google search led me to to Wikipedia.  What I was not expecting was a passive-aggressive solicitation.  As someone who’s somewhat privy to the business world, I get that money talks, business is business, and all of that jazz.  But Wikipedia asking for money is insulting.  Y’all are Wikipedia not the Wall Street Journal.  Fuck outta here with your red box and seemingly easy payment process.


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