You People Have Taken It Too Far With This Sushi Cake

I’m on record expressing my disapproval with how mainstream sushi has become.  I’ve even doubled down on it, specifically condemning the “Sushirrito”.  Sushi to me is meant to be eaten in small pieces with chopsticks.  Even those hand rolls I’m not a huge fan of.  I don’t like the idea of poke bowls either.  But I’ve put up with all of this because I like seeing other people happy, and if eating a sushi burrito like a savage makes you happy, more power to you.  It’s nothing more than a way to appeal to the masses, and I’d like to think that the true sushi crowd is anti-sushi burrito.  But hey, that’s business.

This is where I draw the line.

I don’t fault the creator of such an absurd concoction because money talks.  I fault any and all customers.  I fault any person who saw this and said “OMG!” I fault any person who tagged a friend to show them this.  I fault anyone who’s jerk reaction was “I have to try this” even if they had no intention of actually trying it.  It doesn’t sound appealing, nor does it look remotely appealing.  “Sushi cake” should make the average person throw up in their mouth, and if it doesn’t, your palate and brain are probably both faulty.

I don’t know how the “cake” is assembled or what the components are, and I don’t care.  Every detail is inconsequential because the principle is the problem.  Sushi and cake are both delicious on their own.  There’s no place in this world of mine to combine the two.  Separation of church and state, ever heard of it?


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