Weekly Mets Check In: The Mets Are Still Playing?

I’ve officially tuned out.  This past week has been the most difficult to follow as a Mets fan.  Summer has ended, football is back in full swing, these games are meaningless, the lineups are abysmal, and the team is unwatchable.  It’s taken me until September to realize how pointless it is to touch on all of the games.  Nobody cares about another individual Mets loss, and they especially don’t care about which few players may have shined.  And with the seasons literally changing, I’ve lost motivation to recap such trivial details.  It’s amazing that I’ve been so diligent up to this point, but even I’ve mailed it in a bit.  I watched less Mets baseball this past week than any week in the last 5+ years.  I’ll continue to breakdown the Mets on a weekly basis until it’s all wrapped up, but on a much more macro level.

The Mets hosted the Phillies and Reds last week and won both (!!!) series.  Taking 2 out of 3 from Philly and 3 out of 4 from Cinci.  I was so out of touch with baseball over the last week that I had to double check that I was looking at the correct week on their schedule.  The three straight wins on Wednesday-Friday were the first such streak since July.  And on Saturday they tacked on a 4th straight victory.  There aren’t many teams worse than the Mets, but the Phillies are for sure one and the Reds may be another.  Irregardless, the Mets always beat up on both teams.  The Mets are still in 4th place, still behind the Atlanta fuckin Braves, at 63-80.  The Nationals officially won the division yesterday, and I wish them the worst of luck in the postseason.

This mock injury report made its way through the Twittersphere on Monday which gave me a nice, healthy laugh.  The volume and obscureness of Mets injuries are nothing short of amazing, and this may as well have been true top to bottom.  Would anyone be surprised?  It’s just sad, man.


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