How About That Monday Night Football Sideline Reporter?

Week 1 of the NFL stunk, capped off by two boring Monday Night Football matchups.  The Chargers and Broncos didn’t kick off until I was about to get all sexy and cozy in my bed.  My brain was shut off to recharge and get back to 100.  My Monday was over as far as I was concerned.  Lo and behold, everything was about to change.  Not quite “And boom goes the dynamite” territory, but pretty damn good (bad?) nonetheless.  Enter: Sergio Dipp.

I’m not sure exactly where to start so I’ll offer a string of generic, unoriginal headlines of which you can choose your favorite reaction.  What a clip!  Unbelievable!  No way!  Holy shit!  On a serious note, being on live television is not for everyone, clearly.  When the lights are on and the cameras are rolling, it’s gotta be really fucking hard.  I commend Sergio for the hard work he’s put in to get to Monday Night Football.  With that said, this was laugh out loud funny.  The stuttering, the fluctuation in volume, it all worked so miserably but so harmoniously.  Only a young man named Sergio Dipp could have given the world this moment.  The best part of this is the meltdown he had.  Make no mistake about it, Sergio shit the bed and squandered the moment like no other.  But a close second is the fact that my man owned it and wore it proudly like a badge of honor of almost.

It took Twitter exactly 25 seconds to make this guy a star and, at least at first, for all the wrong reasons.  He had to have known he bombed.  You don’t poop your pants like that and walk away thinking you crushed it.  He knew midway through that he was in the middle of a disaster and there was no way out.  But when he checked his phone a few moments later, Serg got hit with a shit storm of texts, tweets, and more.  Credit to him for speaking up so quickly, holding his hand up high, and (I hope) moving on.  If you can’t show humility and laugh at yourself, then you’re a sad, insecure soul.  But seriously, how funny was that?  More like Sergio Dippshit AMIRITE?!  Then again people embarrass themselves on TV all the time, and this is no big deal and will soon be forgotten.  But for now we can laugh.


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