Weekly Mets Check In: The Mets Do Some Good And Help The City Of Houston Get Back On Its Feet

More losses and more bad news for the Mets this week.  It’s been one thing after the next, and I heard one fact that put it all into perspective: Jacob deGrom and Jerry Blevins are the only players who’ve been on the active roster all season long.  There’s nothing else to say about that.  Switching directions, the Mets made strides towards getting the city of Houston back on its feet when baseball returned to the city destroyed by Hurricane Harvey.  It goes far beyond the game of baseball sometimes, and hopefully this weekend series helped some people return to some semblance of normalcy.

Monday – Travel day, no game.  David Wright was shut down indefinitely after shoulder pain.  David Wright is injured and water is wet.  There’s a better chance it doesn’t get dark tonight than there is DW returning to full healthy.  He’s not even a shadow of himself, he’s a corpse.  It’s really sad.  I’ve written him off a long time ago, but every time his name pops up, it’s bad news and it brings back memories of the good times, which then triggers major sadness.  It’s time to hang em up, David.  The Mets owe him $47M over the next three seasons.  If Wright cares about the Mets like he’s proven to have his whole career, he’ll announce his retirement after the season and partially absolve the Mets of what is already a historically bad contract.

Tuesday – Chris Flexen got rocked in a 14-4 loss to the Reds.  The Mets are so decimated that JOSE REYES started the game in left field.  Not that it really matters.  The Mets committed 3 errors as well, not that that really matters either.  The only “bright” spot was Dom Smith going 2-4 with 2 RBIs.

Wednesday – Led by Rafael Montero, the Mets blanked the Reds 2-0 for only their 5th shut out of the year.  I said only because I don’t think that’s a lot but have no way of measuring it.  Rafael Montero took a one hitter into the 9th inning in what was the best start of his pathetic career.  He struck out 8 and was fantastic, no ifs ands or buts about it.  But he’s still Rafael Montero, and he’s still awful.  I don’t care if he goes out there and throws a perfect game, this bum better not be a part of this team moving forward.  I’m sure the Wilpon’s watched this game and are convinced Montero is the savior for this organization.  He’s not.  But it was a great outing nonetheless.

Thursday – The Mets quickly bounced back from a rare win and returned to their losing ways, falling 7-2 to the last place Cincinnati Reds.  Jacob deGrom did not show up as he usually does in day games.  All three relievers that pitched after him allowed runs as well.  Pathetic showing from a pathetic team.

Friday – Baseball was set to resume in Houston, TX after the catastrophic Hurricane Harvey.  Friday’s game was PPD to set up a double header Saturday.  But I believe the Mets volunteered in the area to help out however they could on an off day.  Terry Collins specifically asked that the details remain quiet because recognition was not their intent.  Respect.

Saturday – Prior to the games, the Mets announced the signing of outfielder Nori Aoki.  Whoop dee doo.  Also, Michael Conforto is headed for surgery.  I’ve seen the recovery time anywhere from 6-12 months.  If he misses all of 2018 I may have to off myself.  All great things leading into a double header against arguably the best team in baseball.  Thankfully college football was on, so my attention was barely with the Mets.  To no surprise, the Mets lost both games.  Who cares?  The city of Houston deserved a few victories, and the Astros certainly earned these two.

Matt Harvey returned to the mound for the first time since June 14 and promptly got rocked.  He hit the very first batter he saw and was tagged for SEVEN runs in two innings.  The former “Dark Knight” said after that he’s confident he’ll be back to 100% before the season ends.  Doubt it.  Fuck you, Matt Harvey.  Flores, Cabrera, and Dom Smith homered in the 12-8 loss that was not as close as the score makes it seems

In game 2, Seth Lugo was strong thru 5 innings and quickly self destructed in the 6th.  4-1 was the final, and another Met was lost in the process.  Wilmer Flores fouled a ball off his face and broke his nose.  Classic.  They’re literally an entirely different team as they were in April.  I wouldn’t hate if the Mets sat down deGrom for the remainder of 2017 to avoid serious injury.  Dom Smith and Amed Rosario can’t afford to get hurt either, but they need the ABs and the experience.  But with one month left to play, who knows who else will go down?

Sunday – The Astros completed the sweep with an 8-6 dub (also known as a “W”).  It’s painful having to watch Chris Flexen out there every fifth game because he’s god awful.  Houston was teeing off on him until they knocked him out of the game after 4 innings.  Nori Aoki settled into his new role with three hits.  Brandon Nimmo and Dom Smith added 2-out RBIs for whatever that’s worth.  Go Mets.

1-5 in 6 games last week as the Mets continue to fall in the standings.  They’re 58-78 and in 4th place.  Things cannot get much worse.  2017 can’t end soon enough.  Last month of the season, finally.


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