Rutgers Football Season Starts Friday And There Will Be A Jacuzzi In The Student Section

On the heels of one of the worst football seasons of all time from a power conference school, Rutgers returns to action this Friday against #8 Washington.  Same opening matchup as last season where the Knights got embarrassed on the west coast by the tally of 48-13.  The good news is this game’s at home.  The bad news is Rutgers stinks and the Huskies have legitimate national title aspirations.  Rutgers went 2-10 last year including losses of 58-0, 78-0, 49-0, and 39-0.  You could make the argument that they can’t get worse, and I’m not sure I’d debate with you.  With that said, it seems to be an insurmountable hill to climb to get Rutgers back to a respectful level.

The 27.5-point dog Scarlet Knights have a tough task Friday night to say the least, but there’s always something special about a home night game.  Under the lights, first game of the year, adrenaline pumping, and alcohol flowing (kinda, since they don’t allow tailgating but that’s an entirely separate conversation for which I don’t have the time).  I’m not predicting an upset or even a competitive performance from RU, but it’ll still be special.  Why?  What’s so special about getting your dicks kicked in primetime on national television?  I’m glad you asked.

How ‘bout a pool/Jacuzzi in the student section?  Does that make it move for ya?

According to multiple sources, none of which will be credited or linked to here, the “War Before the Shore” theme will consist of boats, carnivals, and boardwalk games outside the stadium and a pool/Jacuzzi inside atop the student section.  It sounds like students will have a chance to watch the game while rub a dub dubbing with coeds (aka chicks).  The beach theme will extend into the concession stands, but this pool/Jacuzzi is obviously the main attraction.  There’s not much of an incentive to go to the football games for students for a multitude of reasons, but if this doesn’t at least pique your interest a little as an undergrad, you’re a loser.  Period.

It makes no sense to me from a liability standpoint because all the entire student section, or those who actually attend, is smashed, pools endorse horseplay, and it’s easy for something to go horribly wrong.  Assuming they can avoid a tragedy off of the field, this is a win for Rutgers.  The athletics program is in shambles, they’re the laughingstock of the Big Ten, and there’s a long road ahead before any meaningful games are on the schedule.  But find me another school who brings in Migos to perform for the football practice.  Find me another school who’s got a Jacuzzi in their student section.

If you’re gonna get your ass kicked, you may as well do so with panache. Rutgers always does it big no matter the event or the outcome.


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